An art gallery, and a mutant store. bate social store is a physical space in the historic barrio de las letras in Madrid. A selection of contemporary artists and selected brands, both international and local, that for a limited time change the space completely.

A new retail model, in which we use the same ephemeral concept as contemporary art galleries: making each brand / artist inhabit BSS for a certain time, to make the space a changing experience depending on the artist or brand that inhabits it for a limited time.

Social: Collaboration is part of our essence; we want to respond in a hybrid way to the complex identity context of Madrid. There are isolated physical experiences that respond to specific cultural concerns, but we want to address new ways of consuming physically in the digital age, in a responsible way that is open to new profieres and players.

Store: We love physical objects, and as consumers, we don’t have enough experiences to connect with brands in the physical world.

All the garments and artist pieces, are evailable physically for a limited amount of time, and until sold out. For specific drops, you can find them online. 

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If you are a brand or an artist and want to sell or collaborate with us, let us know at info@bate.work

Open Always by appointment or MONDAY – SATURDAY: 11:00 – 14-00 & 17:00 – 20:30. SUNDAYS CLOSED. Open hours may change if we have special events or drops. Check our Instagram or Newsletter. 

C/ Santa María 14 Bajo izq. 28014 Madrid.

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Bate Social Store is a project of Bate.Work, directed by Jose A. Miguel (Madrid 1991) and Álvaro Carroquino (Gijón 1991): Architects and creatives, who have worked together for years on different design and construction projects, with a particular vision of visual communication and architecture, around the construction of identities. Co-founders together of projects in sectors such as community radio, fashion, art and teaching.
Since 2016, they have been developing projects to help brands and companies to differentiate themselves.