Andrés Aparicio “CINCO MINUTOS Y VUELVO” 16/11 – 02/12

Andrés Aparicio “CINCO MINUTOS Y VUELVO” 16/11 – 02/12

Solo exhibition of the Sevillian artist Andrés Aparicio, exclusively for Bate Social Store.

Andrés Aparicio was born in Villarasa in 1989 (Huelva). At the age of twenty-seven he starts studying Fine Arts at the University of Seville. In 2019 he travels to Palermo, where he discovers his ingenuity and spontaneity, his bright and contrasting colours, and where he gives himself to a free interpretation of everything he observes. It was in Palermo that his teachers dubbed him “Andrea Paricio”, a pictorial continuation of Andrea Dimarco, an exponent of the New Italian Figuration, both characterised by a playful language, which refers to an imagery inspired by everyday life and its fatal counterpart: oblivion, expiration, disuse.
Andrés being the son of craftsmen, his painting has a strong awareness of the work itself. This is reflected in the link between the hand and the head, in the bond between inherited tradition and the capacity to innovate, in the play with its limits. “I play with painting as my father measures and works with wood or as my mother draws a pattern on a canvas. The important thing is to build while understanding its context so that what is created coexists in unison”.

In the proposal CINCO MINUTOS Y VUELVO, Andrés shows the importance of context in his work. He generates physical paths that place the spectator in the right circumstance to understand from where and for what the artist creates. And he plays with it – with the work – as cities play with signs. It is, then, the spectator who will have to appropriate the signs to reveal the way back home. In this sense, the signs themselves are unimportant: it is the path that opens up with them that matters, and the memories that settle in our memory.
The trip to Palermo will allow Aparicio the chance contemplation of a large red tarpaulin, unfurled every morning by the market workers; a tarpaulin without any aesthetic pretensions, but of a profound involuntary beauty, which Aparicio will paint repeatedly in order to preserve and remember it in the greatest detail. Like a love letter to a memory.

In a society where the life of things is volatile, Andrés’s works place us in an arid space, made up of multiple premises that are closed – rented – closed again. In this continuous cycle of uninhabitability and emptiness, movement and supply are but hasty masks of nothingness. This state of restlessness could lead us towards a sense of nothingness. Surprisingly, however, at the end of the street, there is an old stall that remains open. In this corner, we find a glimmer of hope to cling to and feel that we belong. It is a place where we can be and, consequently, remember.

©original text by Aurora Díaz