16.3 – 26.3.2023


16.3 – 26.3.2023

“From Hackers to Post-Internet, from Rap Tees to a tribute to a family Cat, special capsule collections from Sullen Tokyo to Kishin Shinoyama, from Madrid to Tokyo,  from past to Future”

SHOOP presents in exclusive at Bate Social Store “The Rewind Shop”, a physically & ephemeral sale and exhibition of iconic garments in the brand’s trajectory.
A site-specific installation designed by, which reviews some of the garments and collaborations that have marked an important point in the history of the brand over the last 12 years.
Accompanying the exhibition on the occasion of this occasion will be available only at Bate Social Store, limited garments from their latest collections at special prices.

SHOOP is a unisex fashion brand founded by Yohei Oki and Miriam Sanz located between Madrid and Tokyo.
Their collections are characterised by the continuous search for new concepts that coexist under the same identity and are inspired by the world around us, culture and music.
Its products are manufactured in Japan, Portugal and Spain in workshops specialised in tailoring, leather and denim craftsmen, in a sustainable way, using high quality fabrics and finishes.
SHOOP has collaborated with different brands such as Asics, New Rock, Haruhito Jeans and with artists such as the photographer Kishin Shinoyama or the artists X-Presion Creativos in several of its collections.
She has paraded in Tokyo, London and Madrid. In 2020 they won the Tokyo Fashion Award 2020. In 2018 they were selected as one of the emerging designers highlighted by Vogue Fashion Talents, among others.

IMG SHOOP FW 23 By Alex Cascallana

LOLITA ENO “Mutations For One Body” 23.02_11.03.23

LOLITA ENO “Mutations For One Body” 23.02_11.03.23

Bate Social Store (Opening Exhibition)

To celebrate its opening, Bate Social Store is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of the artist Lolita Eno (Madrid, 1993). The first artist in Spain to be represented as an avatar, who in recent years has become a cultural reference thanks to her images of trans-species beings.

In a utopian vision of the future of human survival on earth, she invites us to reflect on the meaning of love. A transparent quality, visible in animals and responsible for the survival of many: not as a procreative mechanism but as visible to the species.

Nature is wiser in every way and is connected, respecting both its place and that of the rest of the ecosystem. Lolita Eno uses technology to achieve this connection, represented in digital skins to form multiple beings of the same being.

She has been supported by cultural entities such as MTV, VICE, King Kong Magazine, nominated by the European Institute of Design as a promise of innovation in 2019 and BMW Spain award as a finalist for best digital art.

She has collaborated with and received support from artists such as Kanye West, Sita Abellan, C. Tangana, Katerina Kishyuj, Virgen Maria, Alexander Wang and most recently Didu in her performance for Paris Fashion Week.

Her work has been exhibited at NeoShibuya, Tokyo, Madrid Solo show, This is It London and NFT Biennial Los Angeles and Turkey.

Mutations for one body is presented at Bate Social Store. It will be the first activation of a new space run by the creative office Bate.Work, born to dilute the physical boundary between culture, fashion and art in the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid.

Calle Santa María 14, Madrid.

Lolita Eno, Escultura técnica mixta.